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Attorney Brian Johnston Secures $2.7M Medical Malpractice Verdict

Attorney Brian Johnston of Johnson, Vorhees & Martucci has recovered a massive $2.7 million
jury verdict on behalf of a client who suffered an intra-abdominal catastrophe
after a radiologist failed to diagnose an internal hernia and bowel ischemia,
requiring her to undergo 6 different surgeries and resulting in permanent
damage to her gastrointestinal tract.

After the plaintiff had originally had successful gastric bypass surgery
in 2011, she began to develop severe abdominal pain in August 2013, causing
her to make several emergency room visits without a definitive diagnosis.
During one of these hospital visits, the attending physician ordered a
CT scan of the plaintiff’s abdomen, which the defendant, the hospital’s
radiologist, erroneously interpreted as a mild bowel obstruction. After
two days of worsening symptoms and excruciating pain, a surgeon was finally
consulted, only by this time, the plaintiff’s condition had escalated
into an incarcerated, strangulated hernia. As a result of the defendant’s
failure to accurately diagnose the plaintiff’s condition, the plaintiff
is now left with permanent discontinuity in her GI tract and requires
a potentially life-threatening surgery to re-establish a connection from
her esophagus to her stomach.

Despite claims from the defense that the plaintiff’s condition was
entirely the fault of the hospital and not the defendant’s negligence,
Attorney Johnston was able to prove that the plaintiff’s terrible
medical care was all put in motion by the defendant’s incorrect
CT scan report.

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