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Building a Medical Record for Your Injury Case

During the personal injury claims process, the total end value of a claim
will depend largely on a victim\’s injuries and the specific damages
that were suffered as a result. However, in order to maximize the value
of a settlement, claimants must be able to provide evidence which details
the exact nature of their injuries. Building and maintaining an accurate
medical record can be among the best things a victim can do to support
their claim.

Five tips for building a medical record include:

  1. Create and maintain a filing system: Organization is key to the success of any legal endeavor. As soon as you
    can, create a master file where you can keep all medical documentation
    and evidence relating to your injury. This can include doctor’s
    reports, prescriptions for medication, the dates of important events,
    and updates to your condition. Understanding exactly what information
    you have and where it is can also reduce delays in your case.
  2. Visit the doctor as soon as possible: Seeking immediate medical treatment can have several major benefits. First,
    victims are not always aware of the full extent of an injury, getting
    an early diagnosis can work to protect your health. Secondly, medical
    records can be powerful evidence and an early visit to the doctor can
    give you the longest documented timeline possible. Failure to seek medical
    treatment can be used as evidence by the opposing side to argue that your
    injuries are not as severe as you reported them to be.
  3. Keep your doctor aware of changes: The medical record you create can only be as effective as what it includes.
    Make sure you inform your doctor of any symptoms you experience and ensure
    that they are documented. As soon as you become aware of a change to your
    condition, inform your doctor. When seeking compensation, inconsistencies
    in the date an injury appeared and the date it was documented can detract
    from the value of a claim.
  4. Go to each appointment: Do not miss an appointment with the doctor, no matter how small of an issue
    is to be addressed. While it may not seem like a big deal, the opposing
    counsel or insurance company may point to a missed appointment and argue
    that you share responsibility for the progression of your symptoms. Additionally,
    the more medical information you have to backup your claim, the better.
  5. Work with an attorney: The personal injury claims process can be extraordinarily complex. An
    attorney knowledgeable in personal injury claims can help you to avoid
    many of the common pitfalls which can hurt your claim. If you have questions
    on what medical information may be relevant or how to best handle requests
    from an insurance company, it may be time to get a legal advocate in your corner.

After an accident, expenses from medical bills and missed work can put
victims under tremendous financial strain. While accepting a settlement
early can alleviate some of the initial monetary burdens, in the long
run, it can leave you to pay uncovered medical costs out of your own pocket.
You will have only one chance to collect a settlement. Building a complete
and accurate medical history can work to maximize the strength of your
claim and help to see that all of your damages are covered.

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