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Circles Joplin Receives $18,000 in Donations

Local organizers teamed up to raise roughly $18,000 in donations to help
Circles Joplin. JOMO Adventures, SNC Squared, and the Joplin Elks Lodge
all raised donation funds that will go towards the local non-profit.

Circles Joplin is a locally based, non-profit community program. With Circles
Joplin, people are able to support one another through friendship and
fellowship to help make life better for the whole community.

Our attorney, Scott Vorhees, is the Board President for Circles Joplin.
Speaking to Newstalk KZRG about how important the non-profit is for the
local community, Mr. Vorhees said, “We have a lot of folks who really
want to improve their own lives. Maybe they’ve had an upbringing
where they didn’t have a good role model in mom or dad or maybe
they’ve struggled with addiction or they had a criminal past. Maybe
it is they’ve had a wonderful life but their husband or spouse took
care of all their financial needs and now they need direction.”

The donations made to Circles Joplin will go towards helping those living
in poverty get the opportunity to escape generational poverty. Circles
Joplin provides further education, training, and networking relationships
that will give individuals the tools they need to overcome the many obstacles
associated with impoverished communities.

When asked how Circles Joplin is different than other community initiatives,
attorney Vorhees said, “We’re not giving anything to somebody,
we’re not giving them money or food or any of that. What we’re
doing is helping them improve their own lives through education and walking
alongside them for about two years.”

Circles Joplin is open to both children and adults. According to Mr. Vorhees,
“So while the adults are going through the program, the kids are
also being trained in our childcare program learning the same kind of
things: budgeting, finance, positive long-term decision making, and integrity.”

Click on the links below to learn more about the donations and what Circles
Joplin offers the community:

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