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How a Trial Attorney Can Make or Break Your Personal Injury Case

You take your personal safety seriously. You are careful in the decisions
you make and the actions you take. You are especially alert when on the
road. You drive in a lawful and responsible manner to avoid getting into
an accident.

Unfortunately, not every driver has this attitude, and some individuals
forget that driving is a privilege, not a right. Some drivers are reckless
and irresponsible; when this happens, car accidents can occur in the blink
of an eye.

It’s hard to think ahead when you are injured due to the negligence
of another driver, and getting to the point of healing may seem far out
of reach. We are here to tell you that this is not true. If you are injured
in an accident that was the fault of another driver, it’s important
to remember that you have legal options to help you move forward.

What a Trial Attorney Could Do For You

After the accident, you most likely want to focus first and foremost on
healing physically and emotionally. However, the stress of dealing with
a personal injury claim on your own can make this difficult, regardless
of the severity of your injuries. That’s where the role of your
experienced trial attorney will come into play. In our experience,
having an attorney on your side is the first and most essential step of
your recovery.

Without an attorney by your side, you may feel obligated to accept a low
settlement from the other driver’s insurance company. You may even
fear that not accepting means you won’t receive any compensation
at all. The goal of an insurance company is to pay out as little as they
can, focusing on their own bottom line. They may offer you the amount
of money they think will prevent you from pursuing the matter any further.

If the compensation offered covers your medical expenses and any losses
you sustained from being out of work, consult with your attorney before
accepting it. Regardless if the accident was serious and caused extensive
injuries, you may still need more compensation than offered in order to
pay for future medical bills, future lost wages, and pain and suffering.

If this occurs, you need an attorney who is willing to take your case to
trial. What this means is that you and your attorney will not accept the
lower settlement from the insurance company and would be willing to go
to court (if not settled) to request an amount of compensation that is
fair under the law.

Your trial attorney will be able to present the evidence to a judge or
jury who will then determine whether you are, in fact, entitled to a higher
amount of compensation. Here’s an example of how your trial attorney
will do that:

1. Gather the Facts

Your attorney will go beyond the accident report. Witness statements given
in a police report can sometimes be incomplete, inadequate, or misleading.
They will launch an independent investigation into the accident that occurred
and utilize professional investigators to review and re-evaluate the evidence.
They will also re-interview witnesses to the
car accident.

Upon being re-interviewed, witnesses may be willing to make a statement
that supports your version of the event. There may even be a witness that
captured before, during, and after images of the accident on their cell
phone, which will be especially useful in court when proving your case.

2. Gather Physical Evidence

Your attorney may also engage the services of accident reconstruction experts.
The damage and debris resulting from an accident tell a story of how it
unfolded. Such experts can build a computer simulation based on these
pieces and demonstrate who exactly was at fault for the accident.

Your attorney may also bring in medical experts who can offer testimony
that explains the nature of your injuries, how you got them, and (if necessary)
the future effects of those injuries. Your attorney will bring on board
expert witnesses who know how to make complex medical concepts simple
and direct.

3. Implement Personal Injury Law in Court

Your attorney will need to prove that the accident was caused by the recklessness
of the other driver, that you were injured because of it, and that you
are owed a specific sum of money as a result. An attorney who focuses
on this form of tort law will know how to put such an argument together.

Why Do You Need a Trial Attorney?

Being in a major car accident can turn your entire life upside down. Not
only will you most likely spend time recovering, but you will probably
need follow-up appointments and ongoing rehabilitation. This may even
put you out of work for a period of time, which will make your medical
bills and your ongoing bills feel even more burdensome.

When you are ready to go back to your job, it may be necessary for you
to reduce the hours you work. A bad accident may even force you out of
your old job altogether. In some cases, you could find the need to hire
a full-time care professional to look after you, or a member of your household
may need to quit work to supervise, taking away a source of much-needed income.

If the case goes to trial, an experienced trial attorney can make all the
difference. Trials are about facts, evidence, and the law. They are also
about reason, rhetoric, and communication. An experienced trial attorney
knows how to communicate the evidence to the jury that will clearly prove
you should be compensated from the negligence of the other driver.

Why Choose Johnson, Vorhees & Martucci for Your Trial Team?

It is important that your attorney has the skill and experience to put
the odds of a favorable outcome on your side. The attorneys here at
Johnson, Vorhees & Martucci have over 140 years of combined experience fighting for clients both in
and out of court. We help clients determine what a fair amount of compensation
is and whether or not that involves settling or going to trial.

Whatever your circumstances are after an injury, the compassionate attorneys
at Johnson, Vorhees & Martucci will work as your advocates to protect
your rights to fair compensation.

For a free and confidential consultation, don’t hesitate to contact
our firm at (833) 600-0125.

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