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Johnson, Vorhees & Martucci law firm urges memorial runners to stay home this December.

The Johnson, Vorhees & Martucci law firm has been a strong supporter and premier sponsor of the Joplin Memorial Run for many, many years. However, this year JVM wants the community to know that JVM does not support the decision to have this event during the pandemic. This event violates the CDC guidelines for mass gatherings. Specifically, as cases of COVID-19 continue to rise in our area and hospitals are reporting more inpatient cases of COVID than ever, JVM has urged the organizers to not move forward with this race.

Please know that JVM continues to support JMR and honor the memories of those hurt or killed in the 2011 Joplin Tornado. JVM also remains committed to encouraging healthy lifestyles and community events. However, JVM does not believe that it honors or respects the memories of those harmed by the tornado or our healthy community goals by needlessly exposing one another to an increased risk of illness or death. JVM has not asked for any sponsorship money back, and JVM does plan to sponsor and encourage community events in the future. But, right now – JVM does not support having this type of mass gatherings. Run on your own, do a virtual race, use a treadmill, etc.

Be safe, JVM will see you on a run next year!

Medical Malpractice

Study: medical malpractice laws don\’t reduce health care costs

It has long been claimed in Joplin and across the nation that our healthcare costs are soaring because doctors are forced to order expensive tests that patients don’t need. Doctors claim that they order the unneeded tests – often referred to as “defensive medicine” – to guard against medical malpractice claims. That’s what physicians have long said, anyway. Reuters reports that a new study shows the \”defensive medicine\” claim is

Medical Malpractice

Is medical malpractice litigation a viable option for me? P.1

When a patient is injured by a negligent physician, the costs can be significant, not only in terms of health, but also in terms of money. Naturally, patients should expect that the medical provider will take responsibility for the mistake and assist the patient when negligence occurs. The unfortunate reality is that this doesn’t always happen, and medical malpractice litigation is sometimes necessary. Pursuing medical malpractice litigation is not always

Wrongful Death

Young life cut short on Missouri jobsite

We read recently of a young man who was just 22 years old when his life came to an end without warning and without reason. He was at work as an apprentice ironworker — a new job he had only held for a few weeks — when he fell from a steel girder just nine inches wide. The fall of more than 30 feet killed him. According to a statement

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