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Parking Lot Safety and Holiday Shopping

Buying gifts for your family and friends and preparing holiday meals can
be both exciting and stressful. Every year, when holiday season approaches,
we do our best to be as prepared as possible. As you weave in and out
of parking lots and stores, buying what you need and perhaps a few additional
items, you may notice just how stressed and panicked others are. You may
be acting with caution as you drive your car or push your cart, but others
may not. Because we care about your safety during the holidays, we have
compiled a few tips for you.

Parking lots are considered to be one of the most dangerous areas during
the holiday season. Many people are aware of the dangers inside the stores
because of \”Black Friday\” and other big sales. However, keeping
aware and cautious at all times when you are driving and walking in parking
lots is essential to your family\’s safety!

The best ways to stay safe during your holiday shopping include:

  • It is important to stay alert at all times, especially if you have children
    with you. People can make unexpected moves and cut you off, leading to
    potentially dangerous situations.
  • When you are driving, especially in parking lots, be sure to use your signal.
    Try not to make any sudden moves for your safety and those around you.
  • If you are walking, tell your children to hold hands with each other and
    you at all times. Keep them close and always know where they are.
  • When you go inside the mall, grocery stores, or to do any shopping, don\’t
    run, especially if you are driving a shopping cart. You never know when
    someone can come around a corner.
  • Always double check that you have locked your doors and closed the windows.
  • Park as close as possible to the doors and ask security to walk you if
    you are leaving late at night and have parked far away.

If you have been hurt in a parking lot or public area during the holidays,
our legal team at
Johnson, Vorhees & Martucci can help. Our personal injury attorneys have more than 140 years of combined
legal experience and we serve clients throughout Joplin and Springfield.

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