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Senators to try to stop rollback of truck safety regulations

As far as the trucking industry is concerned, it’s always a good
time to roll back regulations that restrict how long truckers can drive
per day. However, in the wake of national headlines generated by thetruck accident that killed a man and left comic Tracy Morgan with critical injuries,
several U.S. senators say they don’t want regulations changed to
allow even more fatigued truckers on our roads.

Joplin fans of the former “30 Rock” star were undoubtedly glad
earlier this week to read media reports that Morgan’s medical condition
has been upgraded from critical to fair. But the New Jersey accident that
was caused, according to authorities, by a trucker who had not slept in
more than 24 hours has refocused national attention on truck safety.

New Jersey Senator Robert Menendez says an effort in the U.S. Senate “to
roll back protections that limit how many hours a week truck drivers can
work” is a bad idea. He added that it\’s time to toughen protections
of motorists sharing roads with truckers, not weaken them.

Morgan and another man suffered critical injuries, and a friend riding
with Morgan was killed when a tractor-trailer rammed the limo bus the
men were riding in on the Turnpike. Officials later revealed that the
trucker had not slept in more than 24 hours prior to the crash.

They said the truck driver didn’t reduce the speed of his 18-wheeler
when traffic ahead of him slowed. The truck then slammed into the limo,
flipping it over.

Unfortunately, these kinds of violent truck accidents are far too common.
A fatigued driver of a big rig can cause injuries and fatalities without
a moment’s notice. Pursuit of justice in these matters then often
falls to the families that lose loved ones and the accident injury victims
and their attorneys.

Source: CBS New York,
\”N.J. Senators Fight Trucking Regulation Rollback In Wake Of Tracy
Morgan Crash,\”
June 16, 2014

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