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Study: Girls who suffer concussions in soccer, continue to play

With the approach of this year\’s World Cup, interest among Joplin boys
and girls in soccer is likely to grow. While some parents might breathe
a sigh of relief when their children choose a \”safe\” sport such
as soccer, they should understand that every sport carries risks of injuries
to players.

A recent study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association
Pediatrics focused on middle school girls who play soccer. Researchers
found that more than half of the girls who sustained concussions continued
to play despite experiencing concussion symptoms, increasing risks of serious
brain injuries.

In other concussion cases, symptoms didn\’t make themselves immediately
evident and girls returned to the playing field. They, too, faced increased
risks of sustaining more serious brain trauma.

It isn\’t just girls who play soccer who face these risks, but rather
children who play football, lacrosse, basketball, hockey and other sports as well.

One girl interviewed by a Missouri media outlet said her head collided
with another player\’s head in a club soccer game. But she had no symptoms
for two days.

However, she played two games after the collision and before the arrival
of concussion symptoms, putting her in danger of much more serious damage
if she had sustained another blow to the head.

She said that when she found out she had been at risk, the realization
scared her. \”It was really frightening,\” she said. \”I was
like \’What if that would have happened?\’\”

The executive director of the Brain Injury Association of Missouri says
because symptoms don\’t always show up right away, coaches, trainers,
game officials, school nurses and others need to be more aware of how
to treat players after collisions.

Experts say that sometimes coaches, parents and others simply need to prevent
student athletes from returning to the field too quickly, even if no symptoms
are evident.

It\’s good to see attention paid to head injuries sustained on the playing
field. The knowledge gained in those studies can often prove useful to
people injured in
car accidents, falls, workplace accidents and more.

For those who incur medical bills, rehab costs, loss of income and other
damages as the result of someone else\’s negligence or wrongdoing,
a conversation with an experienced personal injury attorney can help begin
the process of receiving compensation.

Source: fox4kc.com,
\”Study finds girls continue to play soccer with concussion symptoms,\” Meryl Lin McKean, Jan. 20, 2014


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