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Truth Matters

Swearing by the truth.

Not all attorneys play by the rules. In 2022 in California, a lawyer admitted to tricking the jury into reaching the verdict he wanted – even though he used manipulative tactics. After claiming in court that the case against his client was “without merit”, the lawyer said in private that “we made it look like the other people did it.” Read the article here.

It might make us an outlier, but that’s the opposite of everything we stand for. We will never act on frivolous lawsuits or any claims that we do not believe in completely.

Winning with a cost.

We’ve made many stories like the one from California. Some law firms and insurance companies will stop at nothing to turn a profit, including outright deception. Deceiving the jury can sometimes lead to a win, but not one that’s worth it.

Destroying the justice system.

When attorneys lie, they undermine a system that’s supposed to treat everyone with the same level of respect. We believe those who act inappropriately should be disciplined and held accountable.

Know who to believe.

If you’re ever called to be on a jury, stay alert. Even in serious injury and death cases, some defense attorneys and insurance companies may not tell the truth. Stick with the facts and don’t let wrongdoing win.

Can I trust any attorneys?

At JVM, the truth still matters. We do not act on frivolous lawsuits or any claims that we do not believe in completely. We fight against deceptive attorneys with integrity and honesty. It’s part of giving our clients unparalleled support.

We hope that you never need our help, but if you do, we are here.  And if you are called to be on a jury – please know that there are legitimate real injury and death cases – and that defense attorneys and insurance companies may not tell the truth.

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