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Who is responsible for ensuring safe transfer of oversize/overweight truck loads? P.2

We’ve been looking in our last couple posts at the issues of cargo securement and oversize load transportation. As we’ve pointed out, there are specific regulations in place at the state and federal levels to help ensure that truck drivers properly secure their cargo and that oversize loads are transported in the safest possible manner.

The potential for serious mistakes in the transfer of oversize loads is not insignificant, and permitting authorities, pilots/escorts, and trucking companies all have to do their part to ensure no mishaps occur. If an accident does occur, it is important for victims to work with an experienced personal injury attorney to ensure they build the build the strongest possible case. 

Essential to a strong personal injury case, of course, is to establish liability. This requires looking at the facts of the case and determining where wrongdoing may have been done. In oversize load cases, signs of negligence could be found in a failure to properly specify the dimensions of the load, failure to properly secure the load, failure to plan a safe route for transferring the load, changing transfer plans mid-route, or simply failure to exercise reasonable care in maneuvering the truck carrying the load.

Pointing to clear regulatory violations in the transfer of an oversize load, or any cargo transfer, is not necessary to demonstrate negligence, but it can help. Again, though, working with an experienced attorney is essential in order to build the strongest case possible, as well as to give oneself the best chance to maximize one’s damages award. 

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