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One of our founding partners, Attorney Roger Johnson has been granted membership
in the American College of Trial Lawyers.

The American College of Trial Lawyers is one of the most prestigious and
elite associations in the national legal community. It spans the United
States and Canada, admitting only litigators of the highest rate who have
proven themselves in the courtroom, who represent the trial bar at the
highest level, and who set examples the rest of the legal community can
follow with conviction.

All of this has to be achieved over a long career. Attorneys must have
at least 15 years trial experience before they are even considered for
membership with the American College of Trial Lawyers. Each of the cases
these litigators handle also have to be conducted with strict upholding
of ethics, professionalism, civility, and collegiality. This list truly
is comprised of only the best and brightest in the field of litigation.

Perhaps the most exclusive element of the American College of Trial Lawyers
is the fact that the association only admits the top one perfect of litigators
in every state or province, and this once percent needs to shine over
every practice area in law. This includes those in personal injury, family
law litigation, criminal defense and prosecution, environmental law, and
commercial litigation.

We at Johnson, Vorhees & Martucci are thrilled to host some of the
most celebrated attorneys in the county, including Attorney Roger Johnson
and so many other talented litigators.

Car Accidents

Tracy Morgan crash raises issue of seat belt use in personal injury cases, P.2

In our last couple posts, we’ve been speaking about the Tracy Morgan truck accident and how failure to wear a seat belt may or may not affect a crash victim’s recovery in personal injury litigation. As we’ve noted, Missouri law does not allow courts to admit evidence of failure to wear a seat belt for purposes of demonstrating comparative negligence, but it does allow such evidence for the mitigation of

Wrongful Death

Driver given probation in Missouri Southern State player deaths

Two years have gone by since a drunken driver flipped an SUV, and two Missouri Southern State University football players were killed on their way back to Joplin. The driver is now 21 years old; two of his teenaged companions that night will never reach their 21st birthdays. A judge recently granted the driver probation in his convictions for involuntary manslaughter in the December 2011 car accident. He\’s also facing


Truth Matters

Swearing by the truth. Not all attorneys play by the rules. In 2022 in California, a lawyer admitted to tricking the jury into reaching the verdict he wanted – even though he used manipulative tactics. After claiming in court that the case against his client was “without merit”, the lawyer said in private that “we made it look like the other people did it.” Read the article here. It might

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