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Can I Sue On Behalf of a Family Member?

When one of your family members can’t represent themselves in a lawsuit,
a family member might be able to file a suit on their behalf. There are,
as always, certain situations that\’ll limit whether this is possible
or not. Your best bet would be to get in touch with a personal injury
attorney for help today.

Johnson, Vorhees & Martucci can give you the proper guidance regarding filing a lawsuit on behalf
of a family member. When in doubt, call us! We are here to answer all
of your questions. It’s free to ask us any questions about a potential case.

What Are the Requirements to File a Lawsuit?

If you plan on filing a suit on someone else\’s behalf, one or more
of the following situations must apply:

• The plaintiff is mentally or physically impaired

Sometimes, older individuals or those with certain mental impairments may
not be able to make sound decisions that are best for their situations.
They may not understand the legal process or why a lawsuit should be filed
in the first place. If a family member is not able to file a suit themselves,
another family member can sue on their behalf.

• Wrongful death

When a family member dies because of an accident, such as cases involving deadly
car accidents, another person would have to come in and file a lawsuit. The person would
need to be an immediate family member in this case, like a parent, spouse, or child.

• Class action suits

These are filed in support of a large number of people. Either a personal
injury attorney or advocacy group would initiate the lawsuit in these cases.

• The plaintiff is a minor

If the injury victim is someone under the age of 18 years old, a parent
or guardian can file the suit in these circumstances.

How Can a Personal Injury Attorney Help Me with a Family Member’s Case?

A personal injury lawyer will support your efforts to file suit on behalf
of your family member. Even when their loved one is deceased, survivors
of the family member do have options. A deceased parent’s children
will likely be entitled to obtain a settlement because of emotional pain
and suffering. A knowledgeable personal injury attorney can explore all
your options and provide you with the best odds at obtaining a fair settlement.

How Long Do I Have to File a Lawsuit?

Any wrongful death claim should be made in a prompt manner. The point where
a lawsuit is cut off can be between one year and three years after the
individual\’s death. There are certain exceptions to such rules. The
laws can apply differently, for example, when the plaintiff was still
a minor by the time they died. Additional exemptions include if the victim
is/was mentally inept or if the death was a deliberate act.

We know that there may be many questions that you are unsure about. If
you need help answering these questions, don’t hesitate to contact
the personal injury attorneys at Johnson, Vorhees & Martucci. With
over 140 years of combined legal experience, we are here to give each
of our clients the robust representation they deserve. Give us a call
today at (833) 600-0125 for a no-fee consultation and to discuss your case.

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