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Most Dangerous Interstates in the United States

With the many distractions at our disposal, vehicle accidents are common
occurrences on highways. According to the
National Highway Traffic Safety Administration Fatality Analysis Report System that covered data from 2010 to 2015, an
average American spends around 293 hours driving around 10,900 miles every
year. With that amount of time on the roads, the potential for accidents
is substantial.

There are more than 70 interstates across the United States, but some have
proven to be more dangerous than others. According to several studies,
three of the deadliest go through the Sunshine State (Florida), including
Interstate 4 which ranks as #1.

Below is a list of the 10 deadliest interstates according to a report from
EverDrive. All data was collected during a 6 year period, from 2010 to 2015.

  1. Interstate 4 – Runs from Tampa to Daytona Beach, FL. This highway has had 1.41
    fatalities per mile.
  2. Interstate 45 – Connects Dallas and Houston, TX. It has had 1.24 fatalities per mile.
  3. Interstate 17 – This interstate runs throughout Arizona from Phoenix to Flagstaff
    and has 1.03 fatalities per mile.
  4. Interstate 30 – With 367 miles running through Dallas, TX to North Little Rock
    in Arkansas. This highway has had 1.03 deaths per mile.
  5. Interstate 95 – Interstate 95 runs from Miami, Florida to Houlton, Maine. It has
    a recorded 0.89 fatalities per mile and has held a position within the
    top 10 deadliest interstates for six years.
  6. Interstate 19 – This interstate has 64 miles running from Nogales to Tucson, Arizona.
    There are a recorded 0.88 fatalities per mile.
  7. Interstate 10 – Runs from Santa Monica, California to Jacksonville Florida. It
    has 0.85 fatalities per mile.
  8. Interstate 37 – With 143 miles stretching across Texas from Corpus Christi to San
    Antonio, this highway has 0.8 fatalities per mile.
  9. Interstate 26 – This interstate runs from Kingsport, Tennessee to Charleston, South
    Carolina and has had 0.8 fatalities per mile.
  10. Interstate 97 – Although one of the shortest interstates in the United States,
    I-97 runs from Annapolis to Baltimore and has had 0.79 fatalities per mile.

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