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Passenger Fault in Car Accident

Can a passenger ever be responsible for a car accident? 

As the person behind the wheel, the driver is almost always responsible for making sure their passengers get where they need to go in a safe and legal way. But in some very specific circumstances, the passenger might be at fault:

Driver responsibility

Even if a passenger is distracting or encourages the driver to engage in reckless behavior, accidents are usually still the driver’s responsibility. It’s on the driver to pull over and stop the vehicle if the passenger is doing things that could lead to dangerous situations. 

Passenger responsibility  

Although rare, a passenger can be responsible for an accident if they have direct interaction with the driver of the vehicle. Those situations may include: 

  • Grabbing the wheel 
  • Pushing the gas or brake pedals 
  • Blinding or incapacitating the driver 

Difficult to prove

Even if the passenger is at fault, it can be difficult to prove if only the driver and passenger are in the vehicle. Make sure you drive with people you trust so you can stay safe during your entire journey, no matter where you’re going.

How can an attorney help?

No matter what your family has been through, we’ll help you explore all your options, including the best way for you to get a fair settlement. Here’s how JVM supports you:

  • No out-of-pocket fees or costs
  • Representation centered around your needs
  • Dedication to the maximum compensation
  • Proven trial advocacy

We’ll take it from here.

It is free to consult with Johnson, Vorhees & Martucci about any possible nursing home case, and there is no fee unless you win. 

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