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What\’s the safest month for driving?

As everyone in Joplin knows, our weather can be brutal and it can be beautiful.
Snow can fly in spring and rain can fall in winter.

So which month is the safest for driving? Many might assume the safest
month would be in summer when there\’s no ice or snow to make roads
treacherous. But according to a recent insurance company report, the month
with the fewest claims is December. The month with the most auto insurance
claims is May (due to spring hail; something we in Jasper County understand
full well).

According to the report, the most common
claim involving commercial trucks is a result of rear-end collisions. Single-vehicle crashes are second,
followed by claims filed by owners of parked trucks, collisions involving
trucks backing up and then crashes between commercial trucks and other
vehicles in intersections.

The most commercial truck claims are filed in May and June, followed in
third and fourth place by January and February.

Commercial vehicles are most often involved in incidents resulting in insurance
claims on Mondays and Fridays, with Saturdays and Sundays tallying the
fewest claims.

Conversely, for insurance claims involving motorcycles, the two highest
claim days of the week were Saturday and Sunday. That\’s probably not
surprising given how many motorcyclists take to the roads on warm weekends.
It\’s also not surprising that the months with the most motorcycle
claims are May through September, with peaks in June, July and August.

While this
insurance company report contains interesting facts about car crashes, motorcycle mishaps and 18-wheeler
accidents, the reality is that disaster can hit on any day at any time.
All it takes is one careless driver, regardless of the vehicle type.

If you have been injured by a distracted, drunk, drowsy or simply negligent
driver, speak with a personal injury attorney about your compensation options.


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