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Missouri distracted drivers: \”leading cause of all traffic crashes\”

The words from a Missouri Highway Patrol sergeant hit hard: \”Distraction
is the leading cause of all traffic crashes in the state of Missouri,\”
he told a Joplin news outlet. Hopefully, his words will also serve to
awaken people to the dangers of distracted driving.

motor vehicle accidents cause injuries to drivers, passengers, pedestrians and bicyclists. The violent collisions
can far too often also result in fatalities.

The federal government\’s Distraction.gov website states that distracted
driving includes a number of activities – many of them quite common.

Texting – the sending or receiving a text message is one of the most dangerous
distractions. Although carmakers now routinely include hands-free Bluetooth
technology in new cars, for those who own a car even a year or two old
might be taking and making calls while holding the phone to your head.

For those of you who own newer cars, perhaps you think that your Bluetooth
technology makes you safer. Unfortunately, that might not be true: a new
AAA study says the hands-free technology also contributes to crashes.

Distraction.gov says any use of a smartphone while driving is a dangerous

Other listed distractions include eating, drinking, talking to passengers,
checking and fixing your hair, using a GPS system and adjusting your radio
or MP3 player. The site also lists \”watching a video\” as a distraction.
Yes, believe it or not, but there are people actually watching videos
while driving their vehicles.

For those injured by that kind of reckless, careless behavior, an experienced
personal injury attorney can help clarify available legal options and
then help you pursue full and fair compensation for damages.

Source: FourStatesHomePage.com, \”New Study Finds Hands-Free Devices Can Cause
Distracted Driving,\” Felicia Lawrence, Oct. 9, 2014

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Distracted driving is ubiquitous in the United States, and is an issue with which every state is currently struggling. Here in Missouri, particularly in Southwest Missouri, there is also a problem with distracted driving, and given that the number of highway fatalities over the last year has significantly increased, it wouldn’t be surprising if increased distracted driving had something to do with it. According to the Centers of Disease Control

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