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Scott Vorhees Recognized As Best Community Activist

Attorney Scott J. Vorhees, a partner at our firm, has recently been recognized
as “Best Community Activist” by KOAM, the four-states most
watched news service. Scott volunteers with several organizations, including
Circles of Joplin and the Joplin School system. Our firm, Johnson, Vorhees
& Martucci, is exceedingly proud of Scott Vorhees’ recent accomplishment
and the community involvement that earned him this award.

Each year, KOAM encourages viewers to vote for their favorite businesses,
personalities, websites, and other local services, including the best
community activist. Scott J. Vorhees was nominated alongside other incredibly
deserving individuals. However, Scott’s passion for his community
and his dedication to local volunteer services earned him the coveted
title of “Best Community Activist.”

Scott works primarily in personal injury law, where he uses his legal knowledge
and experience to help hold big insurance companies and corporations responsible
for any injuries or illnesses they cause. He works as a trial attorney
and is committed to helping his clients get back on their feet. However,
his passion for the Constitution and justice goes far beyond the courtroom.

Scott is involved with numerous nonprofits, including the Jasper County
Diversion Court and United Way’s Circles program, Ascent Residential
Recovery, and the Alliance of SW Missouri. His work with these associations
has helped countless people improve their lives and the lives of those
around them. Scott serves on the Advisory Board for the Jasper Co. Diversionary
Court and is a business partner with the Joplin school system.

To learn more about Attorney Scott J. Vorhees, or any of our other attorneys,
contact Johnson, Vorhees & Martucci. We can help you get started on your Missouri personal injury case, today.

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