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What Sets Us Apart

If you are reading this, most likely you or a loved one have suffered a serious personal injury and need an experienced team of lawyers who can give you the advice and assistance that you need. But your internet search has taken you to a barrage of very slick web sites created by highly paid advertising companies, and you need help sorting through all of them. This blog will try to guide you by explaining some of the things which distinguish us from many of those other lawyers.


Our lawyers have from three to forty years of experience, and everything in between. We have a broad array of personalities, case experiences, and perspectives. Which sometimes are called upon in deciding whether to accept a new case.

Sometimes a potential case is one where we obviously can help. In other instances, some aspect of the case would keep us from getting the result you would hope for. But many callers have a situation which falls in between, and everyone’s input in requested. The younger lawyers see things the older lawyers may have forgot, the old see things the young do not yet know. Because men and women have different life experiences and points of view, we are fortunate to have several female attorneys to contribute their input. And if one of us worked on a similar case, we certainly have extra knowledge and viewpoints to add. This group guidance ensures a potential case is given full consideration. This process also helps to pick the best fit between individual attorney and client when the case is accepted.


Depending upon the type of case, many settle without having to file suit. But should the wrongdoer or the liability insurer not offer a fair settlement, we stand prepared to file a lawsuit and take it all the way to trial if necessary. And if there are grounds for an appeal, we will pursue that as well.

Insurance companies know which law firms only settle cases, and which ones will file suit and try cases. This is one of the major factors which go into the insurer’s valuation of the case and how it conducts its negotiations. When considering a law firm, ask them how many cases they try in front of a jury each year. And if they give you an excuse for why they don’t try cases, ask yourself what proves someone is a trial lawyer more than continuing to try cases.

In addition to appeal appropriate cases, we also appeal certain cases where the state legislatures have imposed unreasonable roadblocks to justice. In the present environment it seems that any business or profession can get any special protective law passed they desire, so long as a large enough contribution is made to legislators. Once upon a time that was called bribery, now it is simply politics as usual. Fortunately, the Courts in some states are still willing to enforce Constitutional rights, and to strike down oppressive laws which run afoul of those rights. It takes lawyers who are willing to appeal the proper cases to the state Supreme Court, before those laws can be held unconstitutional. We are such lawyers.


We only take on cases which involve serious personal injury or death. This includes injuries from car crashes, unsafe premises, dangerous products, medical malpractice, and other types of negligence. While there are differences in each type of case, there are a lot of similarities which carry over across them. For example, the “mechanism of injury,” or way in which injuries occur to the human body, might be the same whether from the car being rear-ended, or a fall from defective stairs, or a product which malfunctions. The firm’s collective knowledge of physiology, anatomy and injuries is quite substantial and helps us to represent you better.

Some lawyers claim to specialize in not only personal injury but multiple other areas of the law as well. You might see such fields as traffic tickets, criminal law, and family law combined with personal injury. We would be the last to comment about how a lawyer we don’t even know, is skilled in such varied areas fields of law. But that is a good question you might want to ask when interviewing such a lawyer.

Birth Injuries

Family settles medical malpractice claim over boy\’s birth injury

He was born nearly three and a half years ago. Instead of anticipating the day their son begins kindergarten, his parents are planning for his lifetime of required care. At his birth, he suffered a \”catastrophic brain injury\” due to medical malpractice, according to the lawsuit the family filed far from us in Joplin. Media reports indicate the family recently settled their claims against a Honolulu military hospital for $9

Birth Injuries

Pitocin: The Synthetic Hormone Linked to Birth Injuries

Pitocin is a synthetic version of the natural occurring hormone, oxytocin. The female body naturally produces its own oxytocin in the pituitary gland, which causes uterine contractions. When labor starts, oxytocin continues to be released by the pituitary gland to drive the labor pattern.   If the body makes its own oxytocin, why would synthetic Pitocin need to be administered?   Synthetic Pitocin is administered for a couple of different

Car Accidents

Police: driver fell asleep before Granby accident

The people of Granby are rightfully proud of their quiet, small community just 25 miles southeast of Joplin. The quiet was shattered on a recent Monday morning, however, when a 72-year-old woman walking on Main Street was struck and killed in a car accident. Law enforcement officials said the 22-year-old woman driving a southbound vehicle fell asleep at the wheel and her car went into the northbound lane and hit

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