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Motorcycle, construction zone warnings go unheeded

Every year at this time, Missouri law enforcement officials warn motorists
to slow down and obey traffic signs in construction zones. Drivers are
also cautioned to pay attention to other vehicles on the roads, and to
keep watch for motorcycles before turning or changing lanes.

Those warnings appear to have gone unnoticed before a recent
motorcycle accident north of Joplin.

A Kansas City man, 34 years old, was killed this past weekend after a crash
in a construction zone on Interstate 635, according to the Missouri Highway Patrol.

The motorcyclist was heading south on the highway when another vehicle
veered through construction zone cones and into his lane. The driver of
the vehicle then braked.

The motorcyclist tried to avoid a collision, but his bike “overturned
and left the road,” according to a news report. Law enforcement
officials said the man was pronounced dead at the scene of the violent crash.

There was no word on what happened to the driver of the other vehicle or
why that person cut through the cones to go into the motorcyclist’s
lane. In many similar accidents, the driver of the car is simply not looking
carefully before changing lanes. In other cases, the car driver is distracted
or speeding as they enter a construction zone and then make unsafe maneuvers
that put others in peril.

There was also no word in the short news article on the man’s death
if he left behind a grieving wife, children or parents. For them, nothing
can replace the life lost. However, they might wish to consider pursuit
of compensation for lost income, benefits and other significant damages.
They should speak with an attorney experienced in these difficult matters.

Source: KansasCity.com,
\”KC man killed in motorcycle accident,\” June 8, 2014

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